The Car Included In Best American SUV

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best American SUV 2016
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In recent times, the demands of the American consumer about the car’s design have been progressing. For example, a crossover vehicle had undergone several modifications in order to create advantages in terms of consumers comfort and car’s fuel consumption. Therefore, the model is modified into a car with features like that of the truck. That change is also occurred to SUV. Here are some of the best American SUV category, namely X-size SUV, off-road SUV, and Luxury SUVs.

American SUV: SUV size division

The first on list of best American SUV there is some division of size categories. The distribution of SUV size category is a compact SUV, mid-size 2-row SUV, mid-size three-row SUV, and a full-size SUV. For a full-size SUV, there are two examples of brands to choose from, namely SUV Toyota Sequia 2015 and 2015 Ford Expedition. Both types have the same 8 seats. Meanwhile, for a Mid-size 3-row, there is the Mazda CX-9 that has 7 seats. For mid-size 2-row example is the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee while the compact SUV has many examples of products. The SUV in this the best SUV category are used for daily vehicle as a family vehicle, for example to take children to school.2014 Mercedes Benz GL-class

SUV for off road

Different from the above description, one of American most liked SUV that will be discussed here is the SUV for adventure activities, as well as its category name. Some of the SUV models are considered as the best American SUV for this off-road category are Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Wrangler. Both of these cars have 5 seats. If Cherokee offers advantages in the cabin and a system of four-wheel-drive, the Wrangler has pros in terms of customization and layout engine door.

In addition there are SUV that was developed as an everyday vehicle and off-road SUV; there is also some of the best American SUV designed with luxurious style. The SUV with this criterion is 2015 Mercedes Benz GL-class. It has 7 seats and 14-22 mpg fuel economy system. Meanwhile, the reason why it is quite recommended SUV because it is quite economical in terms of price. Although at an affordable price, but it still has luxurious interior design for passenger comfort. The last is that the car is quite fuel-efficient. (Also read about: Brilliant Fast Luxury Cars for Any Speed-Lovers Love)New Mazda CX-9 2015

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6 Photos of the The Car Included In Best American SUV

New Mazda CX-9 2015best American SUV 2016best American SUV 2015best American SUV 20142015 Mercedes Benz GL-class2014 Mercedes Benz GL-class