Nissan Leaf Spec, Types, Engine, Features

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Nissan Leaf Dashboard
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Today, electric vehicle is more and more popular. If you are interested in it, you can find many electric vehicles available in the market. One of the best options is Nissan Leaf. This electric car is recommended so much because of the amazing specs. Therefore, it is very interesting to discuss about Nissan Leaf specs. In this article, we will discuss this electric vehicle in detail.

Nissan Leaf Specs and Types

Nissan Leaf Types 2017

Nissan Leaf Specs 2017

Let’s start talking about Nissan Leaf review from the type. This electric vehicle is available in 3 different types. The first is Nissan Leaf S. This is the base model and priced at 30,680 dollars. For the mid-level type, there is Nissan Leaf SV. This comes with 34,200 dollars. The last type is Nissan Leaf SL as the highest model. To buy this, you need to spend from 36,790 dollars. So, you should buy one based on your need. Do not forget to adjust it to your budget, too.

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Nissan Leaf Engine & Performance

Talking about engine is always interesting, moreover about the engine of an electric car. Starts from the drivetrain, it comes with Front Wheel Drive. Besides that, it also offers 3323 pounds of curb weight. Then, this electric vehicle is powered by 30-kWh battery, higher than the previous version. With this electric engine, this car is able to generate up to 107 horsepower. Besides that, the electric engine is also useful to produce up to 187 pounds feet of torque. Anyway, considering the Nissan Leaf specs above, this performance is satisfying enough.

Still related to the performance, this electric vehicle is really fuel efficient because of the electric engine. This car is able to hold up to 124 MPG in the city roads that are busy and crowded. On highway, it can hold up to 101 MPG. Besides that, this electric car is also fast enough. To hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour, it takes about 10 seconds. For the top speed, it can reach around 93 miles per hour. Overall, the performances are satisfying.

Nissan Leaf Dashboard

Nissan Leaf Features

Talking about Nissan Leaf overview cannot be separated from its features. This electric car comes with many interesting features. One of them is the auto climate control. Besides that, it also features touch screen display, rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and there are still many other features. The higher models also offer the more complete and more sophisticated features. So, you will not be bored with this electric vehicle. The interesting features include comfort, safety, infotainment and entertainment. Even more, it also comes with good warranty from the manufacturer.

Nissan Leaf Trunks

Nissan Leaf Trunks

Nissan Leaf Rivals

Nissan Leaf is not the only electric car available. So, it has some competitors. The best rivals that can compete with this considering the specs are Chevy Volt and also Toyota Prius. To know which is better, you must compare them clearly. However, considering Nissan Leaf specs above, I am sure that this still becomes the best choice. So, you must prioritize this one.

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3 Photos of the Nissan Leaf Spec, Types, Engine, Features

Nissan Leaf TrunksNissan Leaf DashboardNissan Leaf Types 2017