List of Luxury Cars with Affordable Prices

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list of luxury cars in dubai
Sponsored Links – Luxury cars are increasingly more attractive. With the stylish and sophisticated features, they offer luxury impression for everyone. Many people are interested in this kind of car and you can also have it. However, because of the luxury, the prices are very expensive. The high prices become the common problem. Most luxury cars are priced more than $ 60,000 even more $ 100,000. Actually, there are many luxury cars that are priced less than $ 40,000. Here is the list of luxury cars.

Luxury Cars under $ 40,000

There are many affordable luxury car lists that are recommended. Let’s start the list of luxury cars from Volvo S60. With 345 horsepower and 25 miles per gallon combined, this luxury car is priced from $ 33,500. The next luxury car is Buick Enclave. With 290 horsepower and 20 miles per gallon for the gas mileage, this full luxury full size car is priced from $ 39,000. Then, there is Acura RDX with 273 horsepower and 24 mpg. The starting price is $ 35,000.

Besides that, Mercedes Benz CLA-Class should also be considered. With $ 30,000 starting price, it has 210 horsepower and 32 miles per gallon. The next list of luxury cars is Lexus ES. It offers 270 horsepower and 26 mpg. The price is less than $ 39,000. Then, Infiniti Q50 with 330 horsepower and 25 miles per gallon is priced $ 38,000. Another luxury car is Lexus IS with 25 mpg and 205 horsepower. It is also less than $ 40,000.list of luxury cars in dubai

That is the list of luxury cars under $ 40,000. Besides that there are still many other luxury cars that are also less than $ 40,000. For example, Audi A5, BMW 3 series, and Cadillac ATS can also belong to the list of luxury cars. (Also read about: Chevrolet and Toyota Yaris: New Cars Under 13000)


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