Ermini Seiottosei Debut At The Geneva Motor Show 2016

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Ermini Seiottosei top speed
Sponsored Links – Many people may not be familiar or even not familiar with Ermini Seiottosei, after passively from the world of racing over the last 50 years, this Italian-made sports car back and opened the eyes of the automotive world community ‘waking from a long sleep’, through a more exciting buzz at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Coming up with the concept of barchetta, this car has a sporty shape and charming. Ermini really hope to find back his place in the hearts of sports car enthusiasts in the future, although a little place behind Ferrari and Lamborghini.

This year may be too narrow for Ermini, then it would be better if this car is really production for the coming year as the new 2017 Ermini Seiottosei. Ermini Seiottosei chassis developed by the engineering company ‘Osella’, and will have a tubular steel-frame with aluminum and carbon fiber. Ermini Seiottosei new exterior design will depict a modern style combined with elements of the ancestors. The interior also experienced significant improvement, form the wheelhouse cabin, the dashboard will best symbolize simplicity. Fans are happy with nostalgia certainly be very interested in this car.ermini seiottosei prezzo

Ermini Seiottosei will be paired with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 4-cylinder capable of producing 320 hp, the engine is coupled with a 6- speed sequential gearbox. The machine was driven to cover the distance 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

There is no reliable information about the new price Ermini Seiottosei, but it will be very interesting when these cars can be sold by the end of 2016, or at least at the beginning of a wonderful 2017, and this car may not be available in America in the near future because of the difficulty of certification this small sports car. also read: BMW i3 Brush Best Interior Award


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6 Photos of the Ermini Seiottosei Debut At The Geneva Motor Show 2016

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