Coolest New Cars Under 18000

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Mazda 3 th 2016
Sponsored Links – Getting the newest car is a dream of every one. At least, you will never think that you are getting a crappy car from the flea market of the car. Unfortunately, the budget for the car is not a cheap thing. In fact, you have to seek in detail about the car information. One of those is new cars under 18000. As additional information, cars under 18000 new are typically the city car.

As the example of new cars under 18000 is Mazda 3 2016, it is the stylish sedan which is the exterior is created the masculine sense. The front part and the master lights are incredible LED vision. In the middle part, the four doors are available for five passengers. For this standard level, there are six designs that you can elect. Those are available with the different engine and colors. For the price, they are almost the same. In short, the engine is completed with 2.0m liters with six speeds of the manual transmission.

The specifications parts of Mazda 3

Through that component, new cars underneath 18000 can reach the top speed into 155 HP. At the same time, this can be modified with the other engines to maximize the potential speed and performances. Only with $ 16.798, you can drive it in the city road. The other new cars under 18000 are the Toyota Corolla. For the appeal exterior, this is not surely different from Mazda 3 2016 except the long and the front part. Yet, there is some less detail on the interior design as well.Mazda 3 top speed

The cabin detail of Mazda 3

Significantly, new cars under 18000 for the passengers are for five persons. For the engine, it is completed with 1.8 liters and six speed of the manual transmission. Then, the top speed is 138 HP. It is a little bit different from the Mazda 3. Besides, the basic range that the manufacture offers to the public market is $16.555. (Also read about: Considering the Best Cars of 2016 for the Lovely Journey)

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5 Photos of the Coolest New Cars Under 18000

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