Considering the Best Cars of 2016 for the Lovely Journey

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best Audi A4 2016
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Having a great holiday with the family will be something special for you, especially when you have a spare time after your work. Yup, it will recharge your energy and also emotion. The journey is close enough with the kind of the vehicle. It means that the kind of the vehicle has an influence to the sense of your journey. In order to have the best new vehicle for your journey, here I will mention some kinds of the best cars of 2016 that can be your choices.

The Audi A4 for the economical choice

When you want to choose the kind of the best cars of 2016 with the economical side, you can choose the Audi A4 as your choice. The Audi A4 is kind of the great cars of 2016 that will pleasant your journey with the less money to get it. The manufacture of this vehicle announces that the MSRP or the average price of this vehicle is around $28,000. Besides, you also can feel the 2.0L TDI in machine that will provide the pleasant speed for Audi TT Sportback 2016

Audi TT Sportback for the best speed

In order to have a speedy car for your journey and holiday, you may see the Audi TT Sportback as the one of your choices. This kind of the great vehicle is priced around $32,000. With that money, you can get the great vehicle with the 2.0 TFSI that will provide the powerful engine for you. In my opinion, it will be great if you want to have a private journey with your new couple. With the kind of the best cars of 2016, you will have unforgettable story.

In conclusion, it will be great for you to consider the kind of the best cars of 2016 before choosing. Besides the price, which becomes the reason in choosing the kinds of the great cars of 2016 vehicle, you may consider the color and also the spec of the vehicle. (Also read about: 2016 Jeep Patriot as the Best Compact SUV 2016)

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