Affordable Chevrolet Bolt EV

Best Affordable Hatchback Car 2017

Affordable hatchback cars in many parts of the world with high-populated cities became the belle of the local community. Mutually compete with cars that have different classes like MPV, SUV, and sedan. Technically, a hatchback car is a car that has a swing door on the back of the car to reach the cargo space that is destined to place the items to be carried. Some of the best and […]


Best Small SUV Australia 2017: Compact Pioneers List

In Australia, the SUV class that this year offers is dynamic with small size but it still complete with engines performance. The compact is more popular consider the casual style and to enjoy driving. There are three of compact crossover segment that is dynamic styles and designs that suitable for Australian car lover. Each of them has different specifications which best small SUV Australia 2017 category. They are Honda which […]