Best Small SUV 2016: 2016 Honda CR-V

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honda crv for sale 2016
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Small SUV is one of the models of SUV that has the smallest body compared to midsize and full size SUVs. Air Jordan 12 Uomo The mini shape makes people attracted because it can be the solution for crowded roads. nike air max 2016 grijs Besides that, small SUV is well known as the stylish and sporty shape. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames grijs That is why people prefer this kind of SUV to other kinds of SUV. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen Now, people compare small SUVs based on many aspects and most people agree that 2016 Honda CR-V is the best small SUV 2016. It is because CR-V has many strengths compare to other small SUVs.

Efficient and Powerful

As 2016 best small SUV, 2016 Honda CR-V improves the fuel efficiency from the latest model. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart In the city, this small SUV is able to reach up to 27 miles per gallon whereas on the highway CR-V is able to reach about 34 miles per gallon. Of course, it is very good gas mileage for a SUV, especially small SUV. Matthew Stafford Jerseys Besides that, 2016 Honda CR-V also has an amazing performance. NMD Adidas Dames With 2.4 liter and 4 cylinders engine, this can generate up to 185 horsepower. Of course, it is satisfying the buyers and can be considered as the best small SUV cr-v awd touring

Comfortable Driving

Besides the performance, 2016 Honda CRV as the best small SUV 2016 is comfortable to drive. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren With the perfect interior, sophisticated features and comfortable seats, people will feel comfortable. air max 2017 goedkoop Even though it is a small car this top small SUV 2016 are not crowded for the passengers. Safety Safety factor also becomes the consideration to choose 2016 Honda CR-V as the best small SUV 2016. Maglie Toronto Raptors It has many safety features that can prevent accidents for example automatically steering lane keeping system, warning of lane departure, and automatic brakes. So, if you want to buy a small SUV you can consider buying 2016 Honda CR-V.

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4 Photos of the Best Small SUV 2016: 2016 Honda CR-V

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