Best Midsize SUV 2016: 2016 Toyota Highlander

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best midsize suv toyota highlander 2016 usa
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Midsize SUV is the most attractive SUV compared to small and full size SUVs. The ideal size becomes one of the reasons. Besides that, midsize SUV is well known as the SUV that has complete, advanced and sophisticated features. That is why people prefer midsize SUV to other SUVs. In this case, by considering many factors, people agree that 2016 Toyota Highlander is the best midsize SUV 2016. Even though judging the best midsize SUV is debatable, but everyone will agree with this opinion. There are many factors that makes Highlander becomes the best.


Besides as the best midsize SUV 2016 , 2016 Toyota Highlander is also well known as a SUV with full of beauty. The beauty is not from the outside but also inside. The stylish, modern, and sharp exterior is combined with the comfortable, modern, beautiful and amazing interior. With sophisticated features and complete safety features makes the beauty of this midsize SUV includes the exterior, interior, comfort, and safety. So, it is not surprising that 2016 Toyota Highlander is considered as 2016 best midsize SUV.

best midsize suv 2016 under 35000


No one will no doubt 2016 Toyota Highlander. This best midsize SUV 2016 is powered by V6 and 3.5 liter engine. With that engine, it can generate up to about 270 horsepower. Besides that, the gas mileage and fuel efficiency is also undoubted. With 27 miles per gallon in combined of city and highway, this 2016 top midsize SUV is considered as one of the most fuel efficient SUV.


Another consideration is the value. The value here means the good quality as well as the resale value. As we know that 2015 Toyota Highlander has a good quality. Besides, it also has a high value if you want to resale your Highlander. That is why this SUV becomes the best midsize SUV 2016 . (Also read about: New Car Leases on May 2015 under $200/Month)

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4 Photos of the Best Midsize SUV 2016: 2016 Toyota Highlander

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