Review of Audi A4 Price in India 2017

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Audi A4 is one of the best luxury cars available in the world. There are many people who are interested in this car. The main target of marketing of this car is in India considering many aspects. Because there are still many people who do not know about its specs, it will be better to talk about the Audi A4 price in India and also related to other specs.

Audi A4 Exterior and Interior Designs

Audi A4 Price in India

Audi A4 Price in India

Firstly, it will be better to discuss about Audi A4 design. Starts from the exterior, it comes with attractive design. This also applies edgy headlights for more interesting look. Some parts of exterior body are also redesigned to attract more buyers. For the interior, it will offer brilliant virtual cockpit. Besides that, it is also featured with 8 airbags, parking sensors, 3-zone climate control, MMI system, and there are still many other interesting and sophisticated features offered. Overall, the design is satisfying both outside and inside.

Audi A4 Engine and Performance

This is the most interesting topic to discuss about this car. Comes in 1395 cc, this car uses 7-speed S tronic twin-clutch automatic gearbox. This car is able to generate up to 150 horsepower at 5000 to 6000 RPM. Besides that, it can also produce up to 250 pounds feet of torque at 1500 to 3500 RPM. So, it can be said that this car is powerful enough. So, it makes people more curious about Audi A4 price in India. So, we will know its price after discussing the whole specs.

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Still related to the performance, it offers 54 liters of fuel tank capacity. Besides, it also comes with 480 liters of boot space. For the carb weight, it offers 1450 kg. This car is also very fast. It can hit from 0 to 60 MPH in a few seconds only whereas the top speed can reach up to 250 miles per hour. Its fuel economy is also good enough where it can hold up to 17.84 kilometer per litter. Overall, Audi A4 specs are impressive. So, we are sure that this car becomes one of the best choices.

Audi A4 Variants and Prices

To know about its price, we need to know the variants available. This car is available in 3 different variants. The first is 30 TFSI Premium Plus. This is the base model where it uses 1395 cc, automatic transmission, petrol engine, and offers 17.84 kilometer per liter. This is priced at 38.4 Lakh. Because it this is the base model, the price is also most affordable.

Audi A4 Interior in India

The higher model is 35 TDI Premium Plus. This comes with 1968 cc, automatic transmission, diesel engine, and offers 18.25 kilometer per liter. This is priced at 39.61 Lakh. The highest model is 35 TDI Technology where it comes with 1969 cc, automatic transmission, diesel engine, and 18.25 kilometer per liter. It is the most expensive one with 42.66 Lakh. After knowing about Audi A4 price in India, you can compare them and choose the most appropriate one for you.

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Audi A4 Interior in IndiaAudi A4 Price in India