2017 CHEVY CRUZE: A New Product of Compact Sedan

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2017 CHEVY CRUZE is considered as one of the most best selling product in this year. This car is a kind of improved compact sedan from its previous model. However, it is a completely new brand and platform that is arranged for showing up the best product that can match any people style. Although it is a kind of new brand, some features or components on this car is maintained from the previous one. By this, before starting to purchase, you better understand the detail information about the specification firstly.

The exterior description of 2017 CHEVY CRUZE

Predictably, the 2017 CHEVY CRUZE exterior will be designed with new front end that is rather bolder. However, this style is remained from the previous model. For the lower part or bumper of 2017 CHEVY CRUZE, it is the subtle change. Others change is on fig light surround, headlight with LED system which is designed more raked strongly. The grille in this car is also offered more split which is completed with the thin band at top. It is supported with the hexagonal opening beneath bowtie and its bat. This one bisects all plans. There is also OnStar that can allow you to connect with the Wi-Fi hotspot.


The interior description of 2017 CHEVY CRUZE

The 2017 CHEVY CRUZE interior will be designed with double cockpit of dashboard of the predecessor. However, the color pattern, technical, and layout of this model are rather different with the previous one. Moreover, the interior of 2017 CHEVY CRUZE also will be designed with upholstered in the brown leather of saddle. It is accented with the black trim and chrome also. There is also three-spooked of the steering wheel which also comes with leather as its cover. The wheel base is also modified to corner in order to provide enhanced wheelbase. Consequently, it can fit more space for passengers.


Also, the size of engine in 2017 CHEVY CRUZE is planned to be smaller than the previous product. There is also infotainment system namely Mylink, Bluetooth connectivity, lighting in cool blue. Thus, by purchasing this car, you enjoy comfortable interior with stylish exterior design. Also read another article: Best Small SUV Australia 2017: Compact Pioneers List


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